Target the your customers' profile and make targeted campaigns to the public that will convert!

Find out who is your lead

You do not have to spend hours researching each of your users. Discover demographics, interests and buying profiles of your visitors and get registered on your website. Within minutes you can create segmented lists, according to their interests.

Get the BIG DATA's power on your website

The Hariken's network is composed by thousands of websites which we monitor its users. Every action on this network are the source for us to analyze your lead. It has never been so fast, cheap and easy to use the power of big data to analyze your visitors' behavior.

Make your digital Marketing reach the skies

Reach the goals of your company, spend less, make campaigns that convert, qualify your contacts, feed your user base with information on products that are actually interesting for them. Do it all in less time.


Create a Hariken account for free. Soon after you will get a tag (some javascript code) to install on your website. Do not worry if you do not know how to do, we'll help you.


After installing, you get access to our dashboard. There you will have an overview of your site's traffic and visitors, helping you to understand your audience. This dashboard is free and will always be.


Start qualifying your contacts. To do this, you'll need to install a class (another small piece of code) on your forms. If you have questions about how to do it, we're always available to help you.


Several contacts coming, and what to do with them? You can realy understand exactly how your audience is. You can target all these contacts in multiple lists, according to their characteristics. And with these lists, you can put together the best campaigns for each of these lists, and see your conversion rise, spending less.

We know more than 50 million leads

Use this knowledge on your marketing


Qualify your leads, understand your audience, create campaigns that will convert more. All of it in only one place


Information about over 50 million leads. Have the power of Big Data at your fingertips


Increase up to 3X more with targeted campaigns and take your digital marketing to another level

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